How to Lose Love Handles

msg815Many people who are trying to contour their bodies wonder how to lose love handles.
Side fat are stubborn fat deposit reservoirs that can be extremely difficult to eradicate. The lack of such handles can create a lean look while their presence can create an overweight look even if a person isn’t significantly overweight. Many myths exist about the presence of waist fat on a person’s body.

The following seeks to explain love handles and share some methods on how to lose love handles in a safe and effective way.
What are Love Handles?
The term is a nickname for the accumulation of excess fat on the sides of a person’s waistline. The term comes from the concept that a person can rest his or her arms on the fatty areas during an intimate holding session. The scientific name for this section of the body is called the oblique muscles.

The obliques are a set of muscles on the side of the body, and they assist a person with turning left and right. Two sets of oblique muscles exist, and they are the internal obliques and the external obliques. When fat accumulates over the muscles it tends to collect and protrude over the waistline.
A similar condition exists known as muffin top.

How Do Love Handles Develop on Men’s Bodies?
Side fat develops on men’s bodies for a number of reasons. A poor diet and a non-existent exercise plan are two of the reasons that men get love handles. White starchy foods, alcohol and junk foods are the enemy when it comes to developing fat on the obliques. Additionally, working in a sedentary job can cause the handles to develop over time.

The Myth of Spot Reduction
Some people believe that they can spot reduce fat. Spot reduction is a concept that suggests that one can lose the fat from one part of the body by simply exercising that part of the body. Therefore, some people falsely believe that they can eliminate love handles by simply exercising the obliques.
Unfortunately, weight loss is a complex concept that requires multiple layers of efforts. Getting rid of oblique fat cannot occur from spot reduction techniques alone, although some specific exercises do exist. The best way to get rid of fat that accumulates on one part of the body is to decrease one’s overall fat.

How to Lose Love Handles
One must consider multiple techniques when trying to lose waist fat. Overall, weight loss is the main goal, and the person must achieve it through three processes. The core concept of weight loss consists of a mathematical equation. One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories.
One must burn more calories than consuming in order to lose weight. It’s really that simple.

One way to attack fatty obliques is by replacing harmful foods with food that accelerate the body’s metabolism. Examples of some healthy foods that speed up the metabolism are cherries, nuts, fruits and vegetables. A person can incorporate those foods into a slimming program by using them to replace starchy foods and junk foods.

Calorie cutting is not prohibited, and it can help folks to slim down somewhat. However, people need to exercise caution and not deprive themselves of food. Starvation diets simply do not work to create long-term healthy fat loss. Starvation diets may appear to work initially when reading a scale, but ultimately your body is consuming itself…

muscle is being eaten for fuel. Needless to say, this is not good nor is it helping to burn fat. In fact, the reverse is true. When your body senses a food shortage it goes into fat-storage mode for self-preservation. The metabolism slows down as well.
A dieter should eat five to six small meals a day as a natural metabolic boosting method. The individual will want to drink plenty of healthy fluids such as water and tea, as well. Water and green tea can help to cleanse the system, which will promote overall weight loss.

Dark-green, leafy vegetables eaten raw, juiced or blended are a dieters best friend.
Exercise is an important factor in getting rid of unsightly handles. The best exercises to conduct are the ones that raise the heart rate the most. Examples of some cardiovascular exercises that can boost one’s metabolism are jogging, bicycling, stair stepping, swimming and walking.

Exercise sessions do not have to be long for a person to receive a benefit from them. Most vigorous exercises raise the body’s heart rate to a weight burning level within 10 minutes. Therefore, a 20 to 30 minute exercise is sufficient for reducing oblique fat.

Some spot exercises can help a person to place additional focus on the obliques. But remember, exercises that target the oblique muscles are not going to eradicate the side fat. Instead, they will help develop the muscle that will fill out the lose skin after the fat has been lost.

Starting a Program
Learning how to lose love handles starts with a thorough understanding of how the body works. A motivated person will want to use a mixture of the aforementioned methods to be successful with the weight loss. A personal trainer or fitness expert can help a new dieter with suggestions.
So, ultimately, if you want to learn how to lose love handles you really need to understand how to lose body fat.

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