7 Minute Workout Can Generate Online Income

msg816Online Income From A Lifestyle Product
7 Minute Workout is an innovative workout program available online and joining as an affiliate can also make you an online income.
The program owners Joel Therien and Chris Reid have previously built successful online businesses and they are clearly passionate about this online fitness program.
Get With The Programme
Let’s consider the programme first. It enables you:

1. To be fit and healthy
2. To have a successful home based business
This programme is easy to talk about because literally everyone wants to be fit and healthy or lose some weight, and for the Business minded you can make an online income at the same time.
Product Features
So what will you and your customers get when you join 7MinuteWorkout.com:
-Step by step instruction on how to get in shape in 7 minutes a day only three times per week, is the claim by onwners Joel and Chris.

• Once you log in they create your own customized fitness profile based on your fitness levels and your goals. It does not matter if you are a “couch potato”, they offer a money back guarantee
• Hundreds of videos that show you exactly what to do, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. You are encouraged to train at home or at the gym for only 7 minutes for maximum results – again guaranteed.

• Your own food tracker and recipe builder so that you can continue to eat the foods you Love and still Lose Weight. Guaranteed by the 7 Minute Workout.
• Your own progress tracker so that you can see in real time the changes taking place.
• Three Live training calls per week with founders Joel Therien and Chris Reid and the rest of the fitness coaching team.
• Network in real time with all the staff and all the other members. Create blogs, forums, photo albums and more. Joel and Chris point out studies have shown that social networking and support will increase chances of success ten fold.

• Ability to upgrade to become a 100% commissioned reseller
Benefits Of 7 Minute Workout
The short 7 minute durations per workout mean you eliminate the potential to overtrain and get injuries from the old fashioned long workout. Plus not many people stick with long workouts. The long training sessions take up too much time so many people give up.
You can also join as a reseller and make an online income at the same time.

The 7 minute workout you can do at home, or you can join a gym. This workout is only scheduled for every second day, you never workout two days in a row, there’s no need to, you actually burn fat on your day off.
Loads Of Support
7 Minute Workout is not a quick fix diet, it is a lifestyle and is designed to make small changes a bit at a time, and there are live webinars running weekly. A lifestyle product like this has a huge potential market.

There is lots of advice with nutrition and 7 Minute Workout teaches how to do the basic things first, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, there is an active support group with a great text chat feature so you can chat to other members if you need to know something or just make friends.

Online Income Opportunity
On top of this if you register as a reseller you earn commissions on every sale you make. If you are into home based business and/or online marketing then this programme could be the start of (or add to) your online income.

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