How to Lose Weight Easy, Without Feeling Deprived

In my late twenties I was ready to give up on any hope of learning how to lose weight easy without feeling deprived. I had tried everything that promised to teach me how to lose weight – Weight Watchers, the Grapefruit Diet (I barfed all day long), Jenny Craig (too expensive) and the fasting diet.

msg815I Was Ready To Throw In The Towel

I was ready to throw in the towel because my waistline was getting bigger and bigger. I had spent $1,000s of dollars trying to figure out the secret to how to lose weight easy and still had not found a solution.

How To Lose Weight Easy: Scarcity Mentality Around Food

I come from a family of 9 where being overweight was the norm. So how to lose weight easy was never a topic for discussion amongst us. Somewhere down the road, I had developed a scarcity mentality around food.

Consequently, whenever anyone offered me food, I felt compelled to accept it and eat it whether or not I was hungry or really wanted it. My thinking was that I had better say yes because I never knew when my next meal would be.

I Had 3 Square Meals A Day – What Was The Problem?

My mother always made sure we had 3 hot square meals a day, so I am not sure where my scarcity mentality around food came from. Anyway, I was a chubby kid, who later became a fat adult. By the time I was 28, I had ballooned to 213 pounds with no relief in sight.

All I ever wanted was to learn how to lose weight quickly so that I could be popular with the boys and have lots of friends.

How To Lose Weight Easy: I Could Not Say No To Food

Whenever I would eat something, despite my good intentions and honest resolve, I could not stop eating it especially sugary, salty and crunchy foods. I never felt satisfied and I always felt deprived.

Worse, I could not lose weight because my insanity with food always got the best of me. I tried eating carrots, lettuce, and sparse meals. Still, I always ended up feeling deprived. All I wanted in life was to be thin, and in order to be thin, I knew I had to learn how to lose weight without feeling deprived.

How To Lose Weight Easy: My Insanity Around Food

They say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. In my quest for how to lose weight easy, I did some pretty insane things. So where have I been insane when it comes to weight loss? Well, here is a good one.

How To Lose Weight Easy: My Crazy Twenties

During my twenties, I had ballooned up to about 213 pounds. I kept going to Weight Watchers and losing a little bit of weight, but then I would gain it right back. What was I doing wrong? I could not understand. Then it dawned on me. I had a rude awakening.

I Stopped Lying To Myself About What I Was Doing

In the middle of the night, when the hunger attack came upon me, I would go out in my pajamas in the dead of winter, warm up my car, and proceed to drive to Burger King, Nathans, Baskin Robbins, Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips and IHOP. At the time, they were all in one food court.

After I purchased my arsenal of artery clogging food, I could not even wait until I got home. I proceeded to eat right in the parking lot. Is that insane or what. In my denial and in my quest to learn how to lose weight easy, I told myself these binges did not really count.

How To Lose Weight Easy: Bingeing At The Traffic Light

For someone who was trying to find out how to lose weight easy, I sure was barking up the wrong tree. Here is another example. One morning, on my way to work, I had a McDonalds attack and so I bought 2 egg McMuffins. I could not even wait to eat them, so what did I do?

I pulled over at a Stop sign, put my blinkers on and began to eat! I was oblivious to the cars honking behind me, their passengers giving me the finger. I continued to eat.

Then I would go to the Weight Watchers meeting that week and say in all incredulity that I did not understand why or how I put on an extra 10 pounds. I would cry in all earnestness to these people that I wanted them to teach me how to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Easy: I Found The Solution

Hating myself for not having found the secret to how to lose weight, I sank into depression. One day, I ran into an old friend whom I had not seen in years. She was at least 30 pounds thinner, radiant and gorgeous.

There Really Is No “Secret” To Losing Weight

I asked her what she did. She told me what she did. I was skeptical at first. But then I tried it too. I lost 90 pounds in 6 months. I went from a size 22 to a size 2! I have maintained the weight loss for over the last 10 years (I have the pictures to prove it). I finally learned the “secret” to how to lose weight without feeling deprived and without gaining it back!

If you want to learn how to lose weight easy, visit my resource box and just click on the link and you will find jam packed tips on how to do it, just like I did.

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