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msg816Bios Life Slim which is a lose weight product has been clinically proven to help restore and maintain healthy cholesterol levels in four ways without any adverse side effects.
The first way that Bios Life Slim restores and maintains healthy cholesterol levels is with the fibre content present in the product which helps block the re-absorption of cholesterol from the intestines. The second way is that plant sterols block the absorption of cholesterol from food.

The third way is that polycosenol reduces the cholesterol production by the liver. The fourth way that Bios Life Slim helps people fight cholesterol is that chrysanthemum enhances enzymatic breakdown and helps remove LDL cholesterol from the body.
Many people who have had cholesterol levels of over two hundred for most of their lives have after six weeks of using Bios Life Slim reduced their cholesterol levels from above two hundred to a reading of one hundred and seventy three. Bios Life Slim increases the amount of fibre that the body needs, it increases the fibre sterols and it works on weight loss and makes people lose weight as well.

Doctors and medical practitioners who have recommended Bios Life Slim to their patients have found that their patients have an increase in energy and physical activity. As people have more energy and lose weight as a result of taking Bios Life Slim they pick up healthier behaviours.

People want to exercise more in order to lose weight and to make sure it stays off and they want to go out more often. This results in people becoming more aware and involved in the prevention of them becoming obese, having diabetes problems and ending up with high LDL cholesterol levels.

Bios Life Slim helps prevent obesity especially in children. As a result of Bios Life Slim’s scientifically proven effectiveness in helping people to lose weight, control diabetes and lower their cholesterol levels, it is a safe product to help children who suffer from the same ailments that adults do.

Many clinical trials have been done on Bios Life Slim. Eight of these trials have been published in many main line major medical journals.

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