Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight properly we need to know that along with our brain cells and muscle cells we also have fat cells.
When we have eaten more food to produce more glucose than what our cells need and can use, the excess amounts are stored in our fat cells where it is converted into free fatty acids. Once the glucose is out of the blood stream with our cells having been fed and the surplus having been stored away in our fat cells, then insulin closes the doors to our cells and slowly leaves our body.

When our body needs more energy from glucose and we don’t have any food available to give us that energy the body will turn to the fat cells and the free fatty acids stored inside them.
During the process of our bodies trying to lose weight the free fatty acids leave our fat cells and go right back into the blood stream to feed all our other cells. They don’t need insulin to open the cell doors and that is why they are referred to as free fatty acids.

This natural process of storing fat when your body has too much glucose and burning fat when your body does not have enough glucose is how your body was first deigned to work effectively and efficiently. In a perfect world and eating a perfect diet your body will obviously also work perfectly.

As we all know, we do not live in a perfect world, where everything including our bodies works perfectly. Most of us do not come close to eating a perfect diet. As a result we do not benefit from this natural process very often.

The process of us trying to lose weight is thwarted because we suffer by storing too much fat in our body’s cells and rarely do we burn enough fat so that we do not put on weight. Let us now take a look at a typical breakfast in our imperfect world. After we get up in the morning most of us have a breakfast consisting of high sugars and processed foods.

When this kind of food enters our body it is converted into glucose very quickly and rushes into the blood stream. The more sugary the food the faster our glucose and sugar levels in our blood stream rise. Our pancreas senses this sudden spike in glucose and reacts by secreting out doses of insulin creating an insulin spike to correspond and be compatible with the fast rising spike in glucose.

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