Exercises to Lose Weight Don’t Have to Be Hard — Here are some good suggestions

There are basically two types of exercises, strength training and aerobic exercise.
All exercises fall within the range of one of these types and each type of exercise works differently with the body to contribute to overall weight loss and toning. Aerobic exercises burn fat and calories while strength training tones the body while increasing the speed of your resting metabolic rate.
It is important to fit both types of exercises into your work out routines for optimal weight loss.

Exercises to lose weight quickly contain both aspects of exercises in one. Exercises such as step aerobics are great way to increase your heart beat (aerobic activity) while toning your body. Step aerobics target trouble areas such as legs hips and thighs and can burn up to 800 calories in an hour.
This means that even if you do as little as one twenty minute session per day, every other day, and you can burn over 1000 calories per week all while gaining muscle.

Walking is another excellent way to burn calories while toning your lower body. Walking can burn up to 500 calories per hour (depending on how fast you are going) and tones the calves, hips and buttocks muscles. Add a deliberate arm movement while walking and you can also help to tone your upper body.

If you can not find ways of exercising in traditional ways because you are stuck in an office all day, doing office exercises to lose weight can help as well. Take a five or ten minute break a couple of times per day and climb up and down office steps non-stop.

You will increase your heart rate while adding muscle tone to your lower body. Or, try standing in front of a chair without wheels and place your arms behind you grabbing on to the arms of the chair. “Dip” your body downward until you are almost setting in the chair and use your body weight to push yourself back up.
This is a great way of toning your upper body while in your cubical or office.
There are plenty of ways to find exercises to lose weight that do not create a hassle in your every day life. If you constantly strive to find new ways to fit even small amounts of exercise into your routine, you will almost definitely see results within just a few short weeks.

Not only will you start to look better, you will find that you have more energy and you will feel healthier too!

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