5 Tips to Not Ruining Your Diet this Holiday

The year is about to end and a lot of people who have worked on their weight loss goals are facing a big challenge this holiday season. With parties abounding here and there, it is very tempting to lose sight of your diet and gain a few unwanted pounds because you simply ate too much.
Here are five simple tips to keep in mind so you end your year on a positive note.
1. Drink water before you dive in.
Water is your body’s best friend. Aside from keeping you hydrated, it also keeps you feeling full without consuming high-calorie snacks and drinks. Drink a glass of water before every meal to aid digestion. Studies have proven that drinking water even improves your metabolism.

msg8162. Spice up your meals.
Spicy food can warm up your body during this chilly weather but it also helps you burn more calories. Choose dishes that contain red or green chili pepper or add some salsa on it. Spices like these come with a natural chemical called capsaicin that boosts your metabolic rate.

3. Go small on the plate.
Having a smaller plate size will keep you from getting huge portions of food. This is simple yet so important because you cannot afford to overeat if you want to lose weight. You still have a choice to take a second round on the dinner table but studies have found out that most people don’t base their portions on hunger at all–they base it on plate size.

4. Focus on fruits and veggies.
If you’re really hungry on a party, you can indulge with fruits and vegetables. You can’t go wrong on both of these foods if you want to have healthy holiday meal. Salads and fruit desert should take over your plate rather than steaks and cakes. Watch out for those tricky appetizers and dips too.

5. Drink moderately.
From beer to beverages, most drinks you will consume during parties will have calories. If you want to avoid gaining weight, you might as well stick with water. If you cannot avoid alcohol altogether, it’s recommended to keep it to no more than two drinks per day.

If you can follow these tips, you can still enjoy all your holiday plans and stay healthy, while not have to worry about gaining too much weight over the holiday season. It’s not an easy task, but everything can be accomplished in moderation.

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