My Honest Shakeology Review – Does it Really Live Up to the Hype?

What’s up with all these super positive Shakeology reviews?
Is it really as good as people say it is? Hopefully here in my brutally honest review of Shakeology you’ll find out what it’s really all about.
I first heard about Shakeology in 2011 and figured it was probably just another protein shake (just way over priced). At the time I was working at GNC and thought it was weird that I had never heard of Shakeology before.

msg816I found out that the person who told me about Shakeology was actually a Team Beachbody Coach and you can only get Shakeology through Team Beachbody Coaches. He told me all the wonderful things about Shakeology, but I’m normally a skeptical person, especially when it comes to supplements.
I’ve tried enough to know that there are some that are really good and some that are really bad.
I started looking online for reviews about Shakeology and all I could find were reviews from other Team Beachbody coaches talking about how wonderful it was. Not very helpful… Like most MLM/network marketing/direct sales people, their product is the best product ever in the history of the world and nothing could ever come close!

At that point, I had already had some experience with Beachbody products, Insanity (you can see my results here), so I knew they at least made good fitness products. But $130 for 30 servings? Come on now, why would anyone pay that much for Shakeology???
Shakeology Review — Bold Claims
Beachbody makes some pretty bold claims about the results people can expect to receive from drinking Shakeology like:

-Lose weight
-Increase your energy
-Lower you cholesterol
-Reduce junk food cravings
-Improve regulation and digestion
Even with all that there was no way that I would ever pay that much for Shakeology. The person who introduced me to Shakeology said that with my results from Insanity I should be a Team Beachbody Coach too so I could get paid to share my story. Of course I dug deep into what coaches do and all about the company and found out that to be an “active coach” you have to have minimum order.

Long story short, weeks later I decided to become a Team Beachbody coach and give Shakeology a try (thanks for the 25% discount).
Shakeology Review — First Taste
At the time the only flavors were Chocolate and Greenberry. Of course I went with chocolate, what the hell is greenberry anyways?
First taste: Good not great.
Like I said, I’ve had a lot different supplements, a lot of different chocolate protein shakes, and Shakeology wasn’t the best I’d ever had. It was pretty thick and had a “healthy” taste. Just from the taste you could tell it was more than just protein.

The more Shakeology I had the better it started to taste. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’ve actually heard the same thing from other people, so I don’t feel as crazy.
Shakeology Review — The Results
After 30 days without changing my workouts (lifting) or what I was eating I lost no weight, but I did lose 2% body fat! Which is actually pretty amazing. If you’ve read my story you’ll know how big of a deal that is.

Some of the other results I got were:
-More energy
-Improved digestion
-Reduced cravings
Shakeology Review — What is this stuff?
From the website:
What’s in Shakeology
-Protein and essential amino acids help build muscles and reduce food cravings.
-Prebiotics and digestive enzymes aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption.
-Antioxidants and phytonutrients help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases.

-A daily dose of vitamins and minerals provides your body what it needs to function for optimal health.
How it works
-Ingredients derived from whole-food sources deliver the daily vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to curb cravings, alloying it to shed stored fat.
-More than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.

-Fiber, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes help your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently and promote better absorption of nutrients.
Shakeology Review — What I DO NOT like about Shakeology
In keeping with the brutal honesty of this review I wanted to share with you the things that I DO NOT like about Shakeology so you can make your own decision about Shakeology.
-The greenberry flavor isn’t good. I haven’t tried it since they updated the flavor, but the old greenberry formula was not good. I can’t even describe what it actually tastes like, it is a very unique flavor. Some people love it, I am not one of them.

-Lack of competition: Working in the supplement industry and looking around for my own personal use, there really is nothing that compares to Shakeology and all the goodness that comes in it.
-Cost: $130 for 30 days, yeah… Comes out to about $4 a day which is cheaper than a meal, but is still expensive for a shake. Good news is there is a way to get a discount (see: Shakeology Discount).
Shakeology Review — What I DO like about Shakeology

There’s a lot about Shakeology I like, but there are a couple things that really stand out.
-Taste: First time I tried Shakeology, good not great. But, now I can’t get enough. I literally crave it. It’s delicious, especially with some of the many recipes online. Also, now there are new flavors; Vanilla, VEGAN Tropical Strawberry, and VEGAN Chocolate.

-Quality: Shakeology is made of only the best ingredients, hand chosen from around the world and it shows.

-Cost(?): Yes, the price is also something that I like. A bag is $130 for a day 30 day supply, but that’s only about $4 a day. If you replace one meal a day with Shakeology instead of eating crap fast food you will be saving money. I suggest that you try it for at least 30 days, and if you don’t like it, the company will refund you, even if the bag is empty.

You can also save up to 25% off with different Shakeology discounts.

Shakeology Review — Final Thoughts
At first I was really skeptical of Shakeology, especially because of the price. When I finally decided to pull the trigger and take action I was blown away by the quality and the results I got.
At the time of writing this, I have been drinking Shakeology everyday for almost 2 years and have never felt better. The best part is that they have Vegan Shakeology since I am pretty much a vegan. No whey, no soy, pure deliciousness.

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