Enjoy the health benefits of black tea consuming a cup daily

The first thing getting up from bed in the morning is most people opt for a cup of black tea to make their day more energetic and fresh. This is possible because of the rich flavor and antioxidants present in the tea making you feel revitalized after a night’s sleep and make you active to carry on with your daily routines. Though there are many other types in tea including black tea which are all made from the same leaves of the shrubs called camellia sinensis the taste and flavor for each of them varies based on the oxidation process in turning the leaves dry for the tea preparation.

So the complete oxidation process of the tea leaves under sun or in controlled temperatures fully dries the leaves 100% that results in the development of color, taste, strength and briskness of the leaves that are then grounded either to leave them as whole leaf, broken, fanning’s and dust suitable for different applications in the black tea making process. The taste and flavor of the black tea is said to be derived as the chlorophyll is totally broken down by enzymes releasing not only tannins in the tea but also caffeine content to bring that strong flavor to your cup of tea.

Though some myths are added to the black tea benefits there sure are some which are very much useful to your body like helping you to lose weight as black tea is low in calories and helps in increasing the metabolism rate of your body for losing weight. It also found to be effective for patients suffering with cardiovascular diseases reducing the risks of having a stroke. The polyphenol and theaflavin-3-gallate found in black tea is also said to be effective in reducing the risks of high cholesterol, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and kidney stones. Some researchers also suggest that taking black tea in the long run can surely help in prevention of lung cancer and osteoporosis due to the antioxidants like catechins present in the black tea.

You can also get a healthy hair and acne free skin with black tea as it contains some compounds to block the DHT hormone which is responsible for unnatural hair loss in men and women. Black tea also helps in keeping your brain and nervous system active and improves concentration due to the caffeine levels present in your cup of black tea. Along with these black tea benefits it also retains its flavor for years to come so that you can buy black tea in bulk enjoying discounted prices and store for your daily usage to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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